Diets don’t work.

Lifestyle Medicine Does. 

Our 6-session online weight management course offers a unique combination of carefully selected readings, narrated videos (created by us specifically for this course) and DIY worksheets.

*This program does not provide therapy for mental health conditions.


You will learn evidence-based tools from cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and emotion regulation skills which you can start to use in your daily life immediately. Our online program is ready for download today.

Core Course Topics​


The truth about weight loss, weight stigma,

and taking realistic action

Overview of the nutritional foundations of health

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques for changing your thinking and behavior

Mindfulness and meditation

How to feel, deal, and heal your emotions

Goal-setting and relapse planning


“The calls were a nice way to engage with coaches and other participants. It allowed me to safely share and learn from others’ experiences and struggles.”

“The best part of the calls was the fantastic insights, feedback, and gentle suggestions for positive change from Robyn and Kelly.”

“The group was structured well, organized in a way that allowed us to access material easily and progress appropriately. Obviously, the instructors put lots of time and heart into the material.”

“I found the videos extremely informative and engaging.”

“The thought questions really allowed me to apply the week’s lesson and catch my thoughts.”