Weight Management and

Eating Behavior Help

Do you feel stuck with your current weight? Have you lost weight in the past only to regain? We understand that managing weight is difficult. Eat less and move more is not the whole story. If you have ever said "I know what to do, I just don't do it" then let us help. Whether you are working to lose weight or maintain your weight loss, or if you are considering bariatric surgery or have completed surgery and are in need of long-term support, or if you need help managing binge eating, emotional eating, diet fatigue, and/or body image concerns, we have years of experience to help.  

Anxiety, Trauma, Loss and Life Transitions

Do you experience anxiety? Have you experienced trauma that affects your health and quality of life?  Have you struggled with loss or do you feel overwhelmed by life transitions? Do you find yourself self-medicating with food, substances, or screens? Mood, anxiety, loss and trauma are often connected to chronic health conditions, weight, and lifestyle concerns. We can help using evidence-based strategies to manage anxiety and mood disorders/depression as well as learn to effectively cope with trauma and the toll it has taken on your health. 

Holistic Pain Management for

Acute and Chronic Pain

Pain is a multidimensional issue. While injury and illness can cause physiological pain, your brain pain centers can also send pain signals long after the original injury/illness have healed. Living with pain is difficult, but it doesn't have to control your life. We work with you using science-based treatments to help you reduce your pain experience and manage your pain effectively. Whether you are dealing with an acute illness or injury causing pain, or you have lived with chronic pain for a while, we can help.  

Medical/Surgical Evaluations and Pre-/Post-Operative Support

Bariatric Surgery: Are you considering bariatric surgery? Or did you have surgery in the past and need support maintaining weight loss or managing regain? We are experienced providers of bariatric surgery support and evaluations. We work closely with several Washington D.C., Maryland and Richmond, VA area obesity medicine doctors, bariatric surgeons, registered dietitians, and other treatment team members to provide comprehensive pre- and post-surgical support. Whether you are considering surgery or you had it many years ago, this decision is life-changing and we can help you navigate these changes.


Spinal Cord Stimulator: We also offer evaluations for patients preparing for spinal cord stimulator placement. This procedure is a welcome alternative for those who wish to forego conventional surgery or chronic opioid therapy, which both have serious risks associated with their use. Whether you are considering the stimulator treatment option and want to discuss the risks and benefits, are scheduled for your procedure and need an evaluation for your medical team or health insurance, or had the device implanted and want support around living with it, we are here.  

Managing and Coping with Chronic Medical Conditions

Does your body sometimes feel like your enemy? Are you struggling with chronic medical conditions that impact your mood, energy and productivity? Have you spent years taking care of others or working long hours and your body is now paying the toll? We know that chronic medical conditions can dramatically impact your lifestyle. We also know that your illness or condition does not define you. We will work with you, using compassionate, science-informed strategies, to help you make empowered choices to improve your quality of life.

Sleep Struggles

Are you exhausted? Do you struggle to fall or stay asleep? Do you need caffeine to get going in the morning and alcohol, Advil PM or sleep medications to fall asleep at night? Does your mind race when you get into bed? Do you find yourself mindlessly wasting an hour or more scrolling your phone or tablet when you wish you were sleeping? We can help you make changes to see improvements in your sleep almost right away. Sleep issues are more common than ever, but all hope is not lost. You can sleep better. You can wake up rested and refreshed.