Compassionate Individual Therapy
& Bariatric Surgery Evaluations/Post-Operative Support

Change isn't always easy. But you're always worth it. 

About Individual Therapy

We believe that the relationship comes first. Any therapeutic process requires trust and in order to have trust, you must have a relationship. That is why all of our clinicians are deeply committed to listening to you, seeing you for who you are, and building a meaningful relationship with you. 

We also incorporate a variety of evidence-based therapeutic tools into our work, including: 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT)

Mindfulness and Mind-Body Therapy

Due to the nature of our work, we often combine these psychological tools with an emphasis on body awareness at a gentle, trauma-aware pace. 

Here is how to work with our team: 

  • Reach out to schedule a free 15-20 minute consultation.

  • Then, complete intake paperwork at your own pace and in your home using our HIPAA compliant telehealth platform prior to your initial face-to-face (or telehealth) introductory intake session. 

  • Once your questions are answered and you begin treatment, you can feel secure knowing we value and respect your privacy, your autonomy and your needs. We nurture and encourage open dialogue and work with you as a team. 

  • We offer 30-minute, 50-minute and 90-minute appointment options, depending on your needs and preferences.* (prices vary)

    • *Please note we are conducting very limited in-person sessions currently (most sessions will be conducted via HIPAA compliant telehealth).​


About pre-surgical evaluations & post-operative support 

Bariatric/Metabolic Surgery

Having bariatric/metabolic surgery is a life-changing, and sometimes life-saving, decision. Many insurance companies require a pre-operative psychological evaluation. While many licensed therapists can grant you 'clearance' for the surgery, we do things differently. 

What should you expect when you meet with us?

To us, this evaluation is not a ‘hurdle’ to be jumped or a test to be passed, with right or wrong answers. Instead, this session is an opportunity to explore your strengths and to identify the areas in which you will need additional support for your post-bariatric surgery life.

After surgery, you will likely experience changes in your closest relationships, your body image, your eating patterns and habits, and your emotional relationship to food. You will have good days and hard days. That is why we have ongoing support options available to you long after you recover from surgery. While we are happy to provide our assessment services as standalone services, we strongly encourage people to consider our monthly support group option or to work with us for regular (or occasional) individual therapy support as well.