The DC Health Psychology Treatment Philosophy

In all of our groups, individual appointments, and workshops or classes, you can expect our team members to share these core values. 

Shame & embarrassment could be standing in your way. 

Do you feel ashamed by your weight, your body, or your physical/mental health status? Do you tell yourself you are a failure for struggling? Do you have a list of "shoulds" that never seem to happen? Do you wake up every day telling yourself "today will be different" only to end each night angry at yourself for falling into the same pattern?

We understand and will help you challenge and change these internal struggles that may be getting in your way of better health and happiness. We know that negative self-talk and self-shaming do not work to help you achieve your goals, no matter what your goals may be. 

You deserve respect: from others and from yourself. 

No matter what you weigh, what you ate last night, how long it has been since you exercised, how much pain you are in, what has happened to you in your past, or how depressed or anxious you are right now, you deserve to be treated with respect. Our number one goal is to provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to work on making real change happen. We work with you to identify the changes that you want, not change that society says you need. 


Therapy and coaching can be both challenging and fun when it is done well. When you choose to work with us, you will be challenged to make changes to how you think as well as changes in what you do.

Physical health and mental health are undeniably linked.

If you feel uncomfortable in your own skin or you experience chronic pain, then you already know how interconnected your physical and mental health are. You have likely experienced times when you addressed a physical condition, such as making changes to your eating or movement patterns, and as a result you notice how much better you feel emotionally each day.

The reverse is also true.


Addressing the mental health causes and consequences of your physical conditions (e.g., stress, anxiety, depression, relationship strain or trauma) results in meaningful changes in our physical health, too.

You can tune back into your own body to develop real self-care. 

Most of the time, our clients are people who want to, and often know how to, take care of their bodies and minds, but many are struggling to do it. In part, the mixed messages and different "experts" telling you what to do gets confusing and your body's own intuitive sense of how to care for it gets tossed aside. If you have spent years trying various programs, plans, and scripts,  we help work with you to slow things down and tune in to what feels best for you.


Our evidenced-based tools, using CBT, IPT and other treatments, can help you reconnect your body and mind so that you can do what you have been wanting to do all along: feel better.