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Intentional. Compassionate. Comprehensive. 


Your Weight

"I know what to do but I just don't do it."
"I just need more willpower."
"I want to love my body as it is." 
"I wish I could figure out how to find a middle ground between body positivity and wanting to lose weight." 

These are some of the ways our clients talk about their relationship with weight and food when they start working with us. Some are desperate to lose weight, others just want to get out of the cycle of overeating and feeling awful. Still others are sick of hating their bodies, and want to stop the never-ending diet cycle. 

Managing weight is a lifelong, difficult journey. We are highly trained to help you navigate all forms of weight-related treatment, including all evidence based behavioral treatments and/or your use medications (like Ozempic or Wegovy) or surgery. However, we also respect and can support your autonomy if you choose to work towards body positivity/body neutrality and end your weight loss focus. With decades of experience, we can work with you on any path you choose. 

Our approach is grounded in non-diet, health-first cognitive and behavior change. We also target and treat internalized weight bias and stigma.


Binge and/or Emotional Eating 

"I don't know why I do this." 
"I feel awful but I can't stop."
"There is something wrong with me."
"I feel disgusted with myself."

Many of our clients have a long history of a difficult relationship with food. When binge or emotional eating have become a pattern that interferes with your wellbeing, it is time to get help.

If you feel out of control of your eating, often eat quickly and eat until you feel very full or even sick, or you feel like you need to hide or sneak what you eat, then we can help.

Using science based tools, we can guide you to recovery from binge or emotional eating. Binge eating is a treatable condition and overcoming the shame you feel so you can seek proper treatment is your first step. We're glad you're here. 

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