Intentional. Compassionate.


DC Health Psychology, LLC is a small specialty practice supporting people to get and stay healthy, recover from injury or illness, manage stress, move through trauma, and/or cope with acute and chronic health and medical conditions. 

We offer state-of-the-art therapeutic services via HIPAA compliant telehealth to people in more than 28 states around the US and limited in-person* appointments.

*In person sessions in Washington DC on a case-by-case basis.

Our Values

In all of our individual therapy appointments, workshops, groups and classes, you can expect our team members to share these core values. 

1. You deserve respect. We believe you deserve respect from others and from yourself. No matter what has happened in your past, how much pain you are in, what you weigh, or how depressed or anxious you feel right now, you deserve to be treated with respect. We provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to work on making real, sustainable change. We work with you to identify the changes that you want, not the change that anyone else says you need. 

2. Shame never motivates. Whether it is shame from others or from your own negative self-talk, it simply does not work to help you achieve your goals, no matter what your goals may be. Many clients come to us feeling ashamed of their behaviors, bodies or physical/mental health status. They feel like failures for struggling and have long lists of "shoulds." We will nurture you through the internal struggles that are standing in your way of better health, wellbeing and happiness so you can move forward. ​

3. You can learn to trust yourself. Our clients want to, and often know how to take care of their bodies and minds, but are struggling to do so. For some, it's the mixed messages and ever-changing advice that blunts their intuitive sense of self-care. For others, a history of trauma, anxiety/depression, yo-yo dieting, or bullying, teasing, and shaming have resulted in avoidance and disconnection. We help you to slow things down and tune in to what feels best for you. Using a strong therapeutic alliance and evidenced-based tools like CBT, IPT and other treatments, we help you reconnect your body and mind so that you can do what you have been wanting to do all along: feel better. 


Physical health and mental health are undeniably linked.

You can't heal one without healing the other.


When you address stress, anxiety, depression, relationship strain or trauma, your physical condition will improve. And, when you take care of your body, your mental health benefits, too. 

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