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Intentional. Compassionate.

DCHP, LLC is a small specialty health psychology practice supporting you to get and stay healthy, move through trauma, recover from injury or illness, reduce stress, anxiety and relationship distress, manage eating/weight concerns, and/or cope with serious acute and chronic medical conditions. 

We offer intentional, compassionate and comprehensive therapy and evaluations via HIPAA compliant telehealth to people in more than 40 states around the US and limited in-person* appointments.

What people say about working with us.

"I was in a constant state of panic, anxiety and hopelessness about my weight and eating. I didn't even realize how much brain space was occupied by these thoughts. I feel so much calmer about my relationship with food and my body since working with you. And somehow, I am even taking better care of myself than ever before."

"I can't imagine getting through this terrible diagnosis without your support. I have been so scared and so consumed with worry about all these medical appointments and my uncertain future. I am forever grateful that you are on my team. Just knowing you are there to talk things through gives me the confidence I need to figure out how to still live my life and handle these medical issues day by day."

"My relationships, literally all of them, are in a better place since working with you. I have learned how to show up in a different way, and that has made all the difference in the world."

"I have always encouraged my patients to go to therapy but have never really needed it myself. But the last few years have been so overwhelming for me, I decided to take my own advice. Finding someone that could understand the life of a physician has been invaluable."

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